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The Police Officers Retirement System (PORS), is a defined benefit retirement plan administered by PEBA Retirement Benefits. PORS provides service and disability retirement, deferred service retirement, and survivor benefits.

PORS provides members and retirees with a comprehensive benefit package. For more information about your PORS benefits, please specify your current status by clicking the appropriate link above. You will then be directed to information that is tailored to your needs.   

Active Members

You are considered an active member if you are working for an employer participating in PORS, earning service credit, making regular contributions to a PORS retirement account, and have not retired or terminated from covered employment. You must be an active member to receive most of the benefits described in this website.

Active members may view their member statements online via Member Access. The member statement shows their employee contributions and interest, service credit, and retirement account beneficiaries. For more information, click the Member Login button at the top of the page.