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As a member of a retirement system administered by PEBA, you have a retirement account into which your contributions are remitted and accumulated on a tax-deferred basis. If you are an active member, your account will earn 4 percent interest compounded annually on your account balance as of the previous June 30. Your account will continue to accrue interest until your account becomes inactive. Your account is considered inactive when no contributions have been made to the account in the preceding 12 months and no other active, correlated system or State Optional Retirement Program account exists. For more information, select the system of which you are a member:

Are you a new employee?

Check out our New Employee Resource Center for information about your retirement plan options.

Voluntary, Supplemental Retirement Savings Plans

Active members of a retirement system administered by PEBA and State ORP participants may take advantage of a voluntary, supplemental retirement savings program. For more information about the available 401(k), Roth 401(k), 457 and Roth 457 plans, visit our South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program page.