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Effective January 2, 2013, legislation was implemented which changed the process for calculating the cost of certain types of service credit to be at least equal to the true actuarial cost.  The actuarial neutral cost involves a complex calculation that takes into account the member’s age, service credit, salary, average final compensation, and portion of service to be purchased.  In addition, there is a minimum statutory cost which must be at least 16 percent  (qualified service) or 35 percent  (nonqualified service) of the member’s current or career highest fiscal year salary for each year purchased.  

How much will it cost to buy additional service credit?

If you are a member of a retirement system administered by the S.C. Public Employee Benefit Authority, you can access the service purchase calculator through Member Access.  Once you've set up an account or logged in, click on "Service Purchase Information" then select the "Service Purchase Cost Estimate Calculator." You then enter your appropriate information to receive a service purchase cost estimate.

You may also contact Customer Services at 803-737-6800 or 800-868-9002 (within S.C. only) to get a service purchase cost estimate.

Compare SCRS and State ORP Benefits

  • Benefit Comparison Calculator for State ORP [TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE]

Benefit Estimate Calculators for SCRS and PORS Class Two Members Only

At retirement, a member's monthly benefit is calculated based on very specific and individual parameters such as compensation records, credited service time, days of unused annual and sick leave, and the benefit multiplier for the retirement system (SCRS or PORS) in which the member is enrolled.

Currently, there are three methods you can use for estimating your monthly benefit. These methods are distinguished by how much information is required. The more information you provide, the more likely the estimated amount will be closer to your final monthly benefit.

Quickest Method  

Requires little information and is recommended for those who simply want a quick estimate of their monthly benefit amount.

Quick Method  

Requires a little more information and is recommended for those who want a little more than a mere estimate of their monthly benefit amount.

Full Method  

Requires the most information and is recommended for those who want an estimated amount that is likely to be closer to their actual monthly benefit.


Please read and understand the calculation disclaimer below.

Benefits Calculator Disclaimer

This page allows you to enter information to obtain an unofficial estimate of your South Carolina Retirement Systems (Retirement Systems) retirement benefit. This is not an official Retirement Systems estimate, and it does not include all retirement options available to Retirement Systems Class Two members. The Retirement Systems' benefits calculator is a tool designed to allow you to estimate your own Retirement Systems benefit when planning for your retirement. For an official estimate, contact Customer Services at 803-737-6800, toll free at 800-868-9002 (within S.C. only), or use our online contact form.

This application calculates an unofficial estimate of your retirement benefit based on information provided by you. The accuracy of the estimate will depend on how closely the variables chosen by you match the actual numbers derived in the future. This application is not a guarantee that you will receive any benefit calculated by its use. The benefit you receive from the Retirement Systems will be determined according to the statutes and regulations of the state of South Carolina, as set forth in Title 9 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, and Article 9 of Chapter 19 of the South Carolina Code of Regulations.