Benefit Estimate Calculation Help Page

Currently there are three methods you can use for estimating a monthly benefit. These methods are distinguished by how close one is to retirement and the ability to predict all of the parameters used for a projected time of retirement.

Each of the calculation methods requires a different amount of input. The quick method requires a small amount of input while the full method requires more.

Retirement System

South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS)

The South Carolina Retirement System (SCRS) was established July 1, 1945. Membership is comprised of state employees, public and charter school employees, public higher education institution personnel, and employees of cities, counties, and other local subdivisions of government that have joined the Retirement Systems. SCRS provides service and disability retirement benefits, and survivor benefits.

Police Officers Retirement System (PORS)

The South Carolina Police Officers Retirement System (PORS) was established July 1, 1962. Membership includes police officers and firefighters employed by the state, and any participating local subdivision, agency, or department of the state. Police officers, peace officers, firefighters, coroners, magistrates, and probate judges are eligible for membership in PORS under certain circumstances. These circumstances are outlined in the PORS Member Handbook. PORS provides a complete range of benefits, including service and disability retirement, vesting rights, and survivor benefits. Employers may elect to provide the Accidental Death Program and group life insurance coverage for employees.

Average Final Compensation (AFC)

Average final compensation (AFC) is the total of your 12 highest consecutive quarters of earnable compensation (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec), divided by three. Only an amount up to and including 45 days' pay for unused annual leave from your last termination payment shall be included before averaging your 12 highest consecutive quarters of earnable compensation. This amount is reported by your employer after retirement.